@hcs Okay, if it only would be the ticket I bet there would have been a way. Sale is not over and I already saw people selling theirs again..

@superruserr @0x11de784a The way things worked out so far, I imagine speakers then have to beg around for ticket vouchers, if they actually want to make it to the stage. 🤡

Also, I tried to submit a talk for days, and it was only throwing 500s on the email confirmation for the account all the time. In the end I wasn't able to submit.

@raucao @superruserr I'm not involved in this but I read about the problem with the software, which it is fixed now. So you should be able to submit it now.

And yeah, speakers need tickets themselves (events.ccc.de/2019/05/22/call-). The camp is really no commercial conference or even comparable to the congress I guess :)

@0x11de784a @superruserr Point wasn't about speakers needing tickets, but about the mess with the required vouchers (which I had never experienced before in 16 years and everyone I talk to is complaining about).

@raucao @superruserr Ah okay, yeah makes sense. I don't know how the other camps were before :)

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