Captains log: it’s been 4 days since Gabpocalypse. As I look out across the horizon, the burned carcasses of dead memes stretch as far as the eye can see. The smell is terrible. Those unlucky enough to survive have banded into two warring tribes, divided by whether people should block toots they don’t like, it whether instance admins should block other instances based on tolerance for intolerance. In the distance, porn bots can be seen posting nudies like nothing ever happened.

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@jerry the joy of a single user instance my timeline is sane :-)
@theru well, I wouldn't call my TL sane at present, it's only as crazy as I want it to be :take-it-easy: @jerry

@jerry And I thought the federated timeline couldn't get worse... What a fool I am.

@R10T ah, it’ll pass. The fediverse is becoming like a big homeowners association - lots of busy bodies with too much free time trying to exert power over others. Gab is like a new, ugly lawn ornament that someone put in the front yard. Soon enough, attention will drift to the ugly shrubs in front of some other house.

@jerry I don't think, that this will pass very soon.
Apart from that I've never liked the federated timeline. Filled with bullshit.



Fantastic analogy. Busy-body homeowner's association is perfect.

@jerry Like I said....

If the Fediverse becomes anything close to a success, it will be outright *necessary* for the current massive silos to bolt-on support for federation.

Gab was a test case.

@jerry - I had my head down and missed it. What was the outcome for this instance?

@jerry yeah.... every time I hit the “all” button, I’m attacked with hentai and porn.
Can’t say I was prepared for that.

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