So, @OCCRP just published a feature about #encryption:

"In a 2017 cyber attack, intruders were able to access the mailboxes of some people collaborating with the OCCRP for a short time. But whoever the intruders were, they could only see scrambled letters and numbers. The sensitive communication was encrypted.

The encryption may have saved the lives of whistleblowers, journalists, and their sources."

#InfoSec #DefendEncryption

"And while some governments are proposing laws that would ban or limit encryption, they themselves often spy on dissidents, reporters, activists, or simply citizens.

In 2014 data leaks revealed that two EU-based companies, Gamma Group and HackingTeam, sold advanced spyware to Bahrain, Turkmenistan, Egypt, Kazakhstan, and Sudan."

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@crowd42 ooh. Link?

The text is down for some rewrites, but we'd love to add Morocco!


@rysiek Hacking Team’s software used by repressive Moroccan government

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