The new "simple" layout in Mastodon is really great. Love that the compose area and search bar are always available, and that lists are always visible too. On a desktop screen, it's really a nice compromise between the mobile view and the "advanced" layout.

I don't have any immediate plans to change the way #Pinafore works (I like big buttons and big text because my vision sucks), but I think the Mastodon frontend has really improved by leaps and bounds, especially in terms of usability for new users.

Real talk: I usually turn down the resolution on high-res monitors, and on a lot of websites I immediately hit Ctrl-+ to increase the font size or use Firefox's reader view. I'm in my early 30s, but I wear glasses and my eyes just ain't what they used to be.


@nolan so that’s why pinafore looks so good on FF on my tiny iPhone screen! Thanks for the great work.

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