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What's your robot name?

First name = the contents of your SSH private key

Last name = your SSH keyphrase

Finally got this thing working.

That wasn’t problematic at all

But I just finished reading about project and it sounds super interesting as well.

Why the hell have I not just aliased grep to egrep by now?

*continues not to do it*

Won a little CTF at work. First won I ever did. Think I’m getting an itch for it.

My netsec peeps, do you use ssh -J for maintaining persistent connections into systems in different subnets, or set up proxychains for it?

Gawd damn finally got some wifi

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Writing my GPG public key to NFC stickers worked. These are the largest capacity with 888 bytes storage. There room for an ECC public key plus some other details like Tox and Matrix address. So I can stick one on a phone and another on a laptop.

Spent my night drinking whiskey and m rebuilding my site in Wagtail.
At some point in time, I had enough to the point of having a lot of migration errors due to typos, misspellings, and other effects of whiskey.

I might not remember half of the stuff I put in there.

Such is life. 🤷‍♂️

“Usually the best network planning is to not plan at all”

Good thing is easy to read and hard to forget.

I’ve been meaning to grab some Oolong but the local market had everything in Hangul.

Was able to get in and out without looking too lost. 😅

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i have eaten
the passwords
that were in
the logs

and which
you were probably
to keep private

forgive me
they were plaintext
so simple
and hunter2

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bullying friends to eat, sleep, stay hydrating and lead wholesome lives
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Turns out uses its own kernel for some (maybe all?) of its cloud servers.

All I wanted was to enable SELinux, but they have it disabled by default.
Sure, I could read one of the many guides on how to reenable it on CentOS systems on their platform, but TBH I feel like that shouldn’t be *needed*.

Ahh well, it’s just for development purposes, I guess. 🤷‍♂️

I feel like I always wanna code in , but I’m so new to it, and it’s so hard to wrap my head around it.

I can spin something up in with no problems, but I always drift back to just *wanting* to do rust things. :/

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AD replication problems will be the death of me.

Has anyone taken a chance to play around with ?