Publishing a VScode extension is easier than i thought.

And drone racing reminds me star wars, it's a crazy and frenetic sport to watch and practice.

Formula E racing "attack mode" makes me feel like watching speed racer, I think we will se more and more the physical and virtual reality in convergence, specially on sports.

makes the internet fun again, we need more places like this online. Places to have adventures and explore.

So hey, is anyone starting any art-specific servers? The "I am an artist" category on only lists 2 that are actually themed around art (one if you discount photography), and is invite-only so there is definitely a need here

@renatolond mandei uma sugestão pro pra ele fazerem o sticker do mastodon ( ), eu queria pedir pra se possível você compartilhar com a galera BR maravilhosa ai e quem sabe a galera ajudar a ter volume de compra pra fazer esse sticker lindão. Valeu!

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