Hey! You know who makes my work on #Mastodon possible? These sponsors:


Check them out!

Please read the changelog so my efforts in making it readable were not in vain:


Mind that once a stable version is released, @sociallyeleanor and I will write a blog post about it, which will be a more editorialized summary of the changes

Stay warm.

Buy a hoodie.

I know, I know... It's like 90f right now... but these won't ship until the end of September... and that is right before October.

Get your spookoweenie hacker gear.

It's warm.
It's got weird symbols.
It's got dead languages.
It'll make you more good looking.

37 hoodies sold.

If we hit 50, new server hardware!

1 day left.

Either way the EFF gets a nice payday out of this too.


Take time to do what makes your soul happy.

I bought a cheap Chinese sdcard and it keeps getting corrupted every other day...

The pianist never gets old...
I mean, classics just get better with time right?

political health tip 

Don't carry the weight of any collectivism on your shoulders.

It's very heavy.

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