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Everytime o receive a tusky notification, my phone crashes

bitter is my favorite flavor...

i really don't like the limit of 500 chars. who owns this instance?

those alternatives systems to society(Anarchism, Communism,Socialism,Anarco Capitalism ...etc) have a trap, they all tend to fall on destruction of society at all or part of it, most of us want a better society, BUT, progress in this point of history does not come only in one dimension(freedom, equality, wealthy, security), we have achieved a lot, and is VERY important that we don't lose what our ancestors fought for, WE MUST seek changes that will bring equilibrium between many those dimensions

man... XFCE4 and I3WM together are soo gooood. EVERYTHING WORKS SO FLUID... love it love it love it

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Hey, can anyone recommend companies near London UK that are hiring in Data Science?

I'm looking to move in like ~6 months but I can't think of any good, ethical companies that are around here.

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some instances have a bigger toot length than others, how this works between instances? there is any know error?

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i want my health back... i promise i will try to not fuck up this time..

@dtluna lets make a village, small town, country, nice place to be, ANYTHING.

The duokan ia pretty cool and powerful, but I have no clue about what the heck is this.