@fribbledom keybase.io seems to fit all but one of those (electron), from memory

For those keeping track of where I’m up to on the latest Causality, the final notes weigh in at 7 pages. Won’t have a chance to record until tonight, hopefully edit and post later in the week. Thanks for your patience everyone :)

@chidgey We're loving it too! Much prefer our winters to our summers :)

@fluttergirly looks awesome, I can’t wait to unlock terraforming!

@fluttergirly beautiful! Did you terraform the double waterfall, or was it natural? 😊

@kyhwana yeah.... "look how well we’re doing, less daily diagnoses! Woohoo, we can get rid of this silly isolation business!"

I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens in au.

Zoom should quietly introduce unique passwords per invited user (and the ability to see whose code an offender used) to really stomp down on zoombombing...

Just listened to @chidgey’s Pragmatic episode titled “FOSS Social” - loving the pixelfed idea - I think I’ll need to check that out and maybe spin up an instance for my family and I to use 😊

Great podcast John!

/etc/init.d/rcS: “date > /dev/urandom”
# date
Thu Jan 1 01:01:10 CET 1970


pop culture and corporate social media 

@pandora_parrot and I’m not dissing anybody there. I’m hypocritical in numerous ways that I’m still trying to work on, I just thought it was interesting 😊

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