For those keeping track of where I’m up to on the latest Causality, the final notes weigh in at 7 pages. Won’t have a chance to record until tonight, hopefully edit and post later in the week. Thanks for your patience everyone :)

Dissection of COVIDSafe (Android) by

Good to know that it doesn't currently appear to be a trashfire.

Zoom should quietly introduce unique passwords per invited user (and the ability to see whose code an offender used) to really stomp down on zoombombing...

Just listened to @chidgey’s Pragmatic episode titled “FOSS Social” - loving the pixelfed idea - I think I’ll need to check that out and maybe spin up an instance for my family and I to use 😊

Great podcast John!

/etc/init.d/rcS: “date > /dev/urandom”
# date
Thu Jan 1 01:01:10 CET 1970


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