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@isagalaev @deutrino Come to think of it, I feel this is going to be very interesting: Europe is planing on forcing social networks to be interoperable. I wonder how this will impact Signal :)

@isagalaev @deutrino Come to think of it, I feel this is going to be very interesting: Europe is planing on forcing social networks to be interoperable. I wonder how this will impact Signal :)

@isagalaev @deutrino Because Signal is a social network. I would have uninstalled Signal ages ago if I was not forced to use it by my friends and colleagues. SIgnal devs don't even have to lock users in. Users achieve that by themselves. Which means that having no choice but using it, people ask for features and are frustrated because they are met with disdain, if met at all.

@isagalaev @deutrino That's project management.

Companies with B2B paying customers generally sign an engagement to have feature X at a specific deadline in exchange from a signed purchase order :)

With B2C, there are always risks. That means spending time and money to acquire user actual expectations and not just that of vocal users giving theirs for free.

@isagalaev @deutrino The gap in itself is not a problem. That's what leads to forks, in general.

But Signal has been very aggressive with people forking Signal, and forks are very expensive because on the centralized nature of Signal. If you fork the client, you have to duplicate the server infrastructure too! And nobody has the money to do it, because Signal is living on that original blank check, which allows them to provide the solution for free, thus killing any competition.

@isagalaev @deutrino I can agree with that :)

OTOH, most companies depend on their potential clients actually buying their product. This is a strong insentive to code what the clients are asking for.

Signal does not live on paying clients nor on user donations.
They are not individuals developping on their free time and allowing people to benefit from their production.

Instead, they received a large blank check from the get-go. This can only result in a growing gap between users and devs.

@isagalaev @deutrino Generally, when user voices are listened to, the feature request upvotes serve to prioritize them in the roadmap. "Many users want it; we (devs) may not see the point, but since many people are asking for it, let's do it". That's a client-first approach to project management.

But Signal devs are not interested in their users. They consider their users as a bunch of freeloaders. They are not interesed in democracy or discussions. They made that clear numerous time.

@isagalaev @deutrino I totally agree that some of the comments were disrespectful and should have been either deleted or their authors blocked from the project.

Signal maintainer reaction of locking the issue was also disrespectful to the users that were peacefully petitioning for that feature.

@isagalaev @deutrino support.signal.org/hc/en-us/re
Tell us why you're reaching out


They could also use Github as a code dump, like Torvalds is doing: no issue section: github.com/torvalds/linux but they don't.

As the links above prove it, they do accept feature requests.
But they are open to these as much as they are to (positive) criticism: not one bit. The only things that are open about them is their source code (which is to be praised), and their disdain for their users.

@isagalaev @deutrino OTOH, devs could just reply "no, we won't" and close the issue. That's their prerogative. Leaving the ticket to rot for 4 years, without official answer is no way of doing community management. Someone even provided a (incomplete) PR for this issue and it was rejected, closed and after a while locked.

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@sir What Google did is bring these people together to make it and offer them the environment and the financial compensation to do it. You cannot expect a CEO to be able to be the source of innovation for all that their company produces. But it is fair to acknowledge that an employer decides to unite people over a project and finance it. Another company could have united these people toward the same goal. But Google did it first or better.

@jerry Yes, 2018. Lost my job on January 2. Learned I had to leave the same day. I was not fired. "Just administration snafu". Got a new job but shortly after got run over by a scooter (5 broken ribs), got some medication giving suicidal thoughts, then the new employer broke my trial period because I was doing what they had hired me to do but that was causing "internal problems with a manager". And my granny died.
BUT, i also met my now-wife that year. Smth positive may yet come up for you :)

@Krash @ScottMortimer My PoV is that Tor is obsolete. It operates under the same assumption than all realtime mix networks: the absence of a global observer. This assumption is probably not reasonable in 2020 if you are trying to hide from a gov. Also, you will attract some unwanted attention, and you may get malware targetted at Tor Browser. I personally would not risk using it, and most certainly not as my only line of defense.

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Does anyone in Fediland have any experience using the new Mozilla VPN?

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@jpmens Hum, sorry if you felt that way about my message. Please accept my apologies, and put it on the account of my not so good english. I was not bitching about your recommendation. I just had a different experience than yours and since I value your judgement, I was genuinely asking for your advice about an episode that you liked. Again, please accept my apologies 😶

@jpmens I bet the episode about IPv6 was equally cringe-worthy for you as it was for me. I picked the episode at "random", and I have to say it was a rather bad start 😅😂 Do you recommend a specific episode?

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@nolan >Tech Enthusiasts: Everything in my house is wired to the Internet of Things! I control it all from my smartphone! My smart-house is bluetooth enabled and I can give it voice commands via alexa! I love the future!

>Programmers / Engineers: The most recent piece of technology I own is a printer from 2004 and I keep a loaded gun ready to shoot it if it ever makes an unexpected noise.

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