Java1.5 in a bigass "nutshell". Just found this in an old box under my bed. I'm not getting younger. Damn.

Mon nouvel article dans le numéro hors-série n°21 de : "Back to basics" / les indispensables. Pas de gros prérequis pour la lecture dans ce numero ! À mettre entre toutes les mains d'informaticiens !

Camping, vacation 

Myself, lighting a fire with a camp knife (Mora companion), a firesteel, and a paper handkerchief

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Camping, vacation 

Funny how I wake up to tremendous back pain in my $700 mattress and I wake up unscathe after a night in a hammock at a camp fire 😅 I think I should move 😂


The simple pleasure of life: lighting a pocket wood stove on the beach and boiling a hot tea, with your significant other at sun down❤️

We take security seriously. Proof? I forgot to lock my screen friday, for 5 minutes. Result: 52 vegan muffins.

Oops, the only advice that sticks on their tract about passwords is not even a good one. Not that charset diversity is a bad thing, per se, but entropy is key, and 5 truly-randomly picked words from a full dictionary is very strong too. Why not put on the tract: "Passwords are obsolete. Use 2FA."

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