: "A free and tool to get our events off !"

Please help fund this! :)

@jpmens I did donate 42€ because I feel there is a need for a free software that enables my fellow activists to organize events, marches, etc. without relying on Facebook or similar centralized and privacy-threatening platforms. I also did because I acknowledge Framasoft ability to deliver quality software, as they already did multiple times. Finally, I did, because I think OSS devs should get a decent salary :)

Why should _you_? I don't know. YMMV :)

@jpmens (bonus points: they use Elixir and are partly based on Pleroma source code ; so we have some high probability of a decent source code and dependency management :))

Did I succeeded in convincing you to fund this project? 😊

@jpmens @x_cli Because it is important that we can organize events (all sort of events) without relying on the big US corporate silos, with their questionable data practices.

@bortzmeyer @x_cli are you saying that 'activists' are currently all using those horrid US silos? That would be scary.

What happened to email? Isn't that a system which can be used to 'organize all sorts of events'? It's worked very well so far.

Disclaimer: I am not and never was on Facebook, so I am clueless.

@jpmens @bortzmeyer Emails are very bad for having an overview in one glimpse of participant/interested parties count, and to assign roles (leafleters, guardians, mouting/unmouting stands, etc.). Emails are not very good to create galleries of photos of a particular event. And these are only examples.

I've been thinking about something like this lately and here it is! Mobilizon promises to be a good, free and open source, federated alternative to Meetup and Facebook Events. Join their crowdfunding campaign!

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