Just a reminder, you can support infosec.exchange through liberapay: liberapay.com/Infosec.exchange


@jerry Is there a way for you to accept EUR? My bank will charge me heavily if I make a recurring payment in USD (and they will do so for each payment :/)

@x_cli interesting. I thought that was the advantage of liberapay

@jerry Well, it says "Jerry only accepts donation in USD". I suppose it means there is a button somewhere to accept EUR or other currencies.
As is, my bank will charge me a fix 1EUR per donation + conversion rate.
Maybe Liberapay will only give you USD at the end, minus the conversion rate. I don't know how it works :)

@x_cli thanks. I’ll see if there is something i can change on my end.


@jerry Hey :) Did you find any button on your side? I am still willing to help you fund this instance :)

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@x_cli not yet - tbh, I got busy and forgot to look - I will do that soon.

Please do and let us knwo. I'll also throw in a Euromonies or two 🤘🏻

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