The Starbucks/Youporn fight is pretty dumb. A) VPNs exist, B) Sbux likely has no real choice, if they want to avoid “hostile workplace” lawsuits, C) streaming porn eats bandwidth. I am more surprised that it wasn’t already blocked.


@jerry Don't you think that Youporn is just profitting from the situation to get some free advertisement? :) I found it smart :)

@x_cli that’s a good point. They did get a lot of people saying their name lately

@jerry @x_cli

The same company that bought snowplows in Boston in a snowstorm...

they know media blitzes.

wait, wasn't them... pornhub did that...

@TheGibson @jerry It is not the first time that I think these two companies are extra smart :)

@thegibson @jerry @x_cli YouPorn and PornHub are the same parent company (MindGeek)

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