UK ISP group names Mozilla 'Internet Villain' for supporting 'DNS-over-HTTPS' | ZDNet

UK government and local ISPs are putting the pressure on browsers to drop plans to support DoH protocol.

Who comes up with this kind of ?

`shutil.move(src, dst)`

> If the destination is on the current filesystem, then os.rename() is used. Otherwise, src is copied (using shutil.copy2()) to dst and then removed.

Except that shutil.copy2 does not copy ownership info on some OSes. So depending on your OS and mountpoints, you may end up with a security hole, because of lost ownership info.

TIL: sh, in shutil, stands for shitty. Same applies to shlex.

Why, oh why, would you, , implement so incorrectly?

> PPP over Q-in-Q encapsulation supports configurable outer tag Ethertype. The configurable Ethertype field values are 0x8100 (default), 0x9100, and 0x9200.

Why not use 0x88A8 like everybody else? Why would you not even consider this standard value as an acceptable config?

F*** U, Cisco.

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@x_cli Thank you so much for your kind words!

We have recently posted a piece about wanting to stay small (both
for decentralization and to keep the human way we do things), and rationalizing our services over the next 2 years. The english translation is available here ;)

So Cloudflare CTO John Graham-Cumming told me:
"US-based company (Mozilla) is working with US-based company (Cloudflare) on technology to be used by US-based users defending against ISP BS which ISPs have chosen to defend in Congress."

I read "Europeans should develop their own browser". (cc @Framasoft)
I also read that sold us, non-US citizens.
I also read no argument against my accusation of an unfair competitive advantage for .

Announcing release of 5.0.0

Protocol additions, rule lang cleanup, eBPF/#XDP, (experimental) datasets, JA3S and more:

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@aidalgol @moritzheiber They've just announced they'll take more money

This is a true coincidence, because today is also the 1st beta release of #Mobilizon

So let's thank MeetUp for giving us even more reasons to free our events from their walled garden :troll: !

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Open hardware, open source 48-ports serial port hub:

That project is amazing :)

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Speaking of criminals trying to trick you into disclosing your online banking credentials on the phone: compare this script to the legit one outlined above.

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Few months ago, we started an instance with @Steve12L dedicated to the protection of animals.
We first opened it to French speakers, but that's maybe time to open it more globally.

Special thanks to "La SPA de Montluçon" 🙏


Don't hesitate to spread it :)

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Poll. What kind of #DNS servers/resolution do you use?

I can only provide 4 answers, so if you use other methods please reply to the toot. Also if you want to explain why.

Boosts appreciated!

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Looking back, I think one of the most useful things I ever did in an internship was move Coinbase off of ImageMagick and onto a cloud image processing/hosting service. That hardening step has insulated them from so many horrific bugs at this point.

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"At first I thought DoH was (US) Department of Homeland Security, then I thought it could be an exclamation of Homer Simpson (doh); finally read the article and it seems to be a mixture of the two"

Tant que j'y suis, je cherche aussi un chef de projet () avec des bonnes bases techniques ainsi qu'un , qui devra effectuer des tests de , de robustesse et de montées en charge, améliorer la /CD et automatiser les tests d'. Environnement principalement . Un peu de Bash, C et de .

Bonjour le fédiverse,
Si vous avez des CVs pour un , et un dev , de préference expérimentés et avec une attirance pour le système, je suis très preneur 🙂
Postes à pourvoir ASAP 😊
Localisation : , Étoile.
Locaux vraiment chouettes.

I have to say I am really impressed by .

As least one of their contributors has a very good understanding of web security, and managed to have the software use basically all security HTTP headers (even Cookie prefixes!)

Setting up a tunnel took me 1 hour on my first attempt, reading docs included

Got to upgrade a box to buster (it was still a deb stretch, oopsie).

It is incredibly easy, compared to setting up an IPsec tunnel with Strongswan.

I strongly recommend you try this, for knowledge and fun :)

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