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#Signal developer explains why they don't allow any third party apps (even forks of Signal) to use their servers.


They also explain why they are blocking anyone from releasing Signal or any fork of Signal (e.g., to remove the components that are not #OpenSource) on #FDroid

Feel free to give that comment a react (thumbs up, thumbs down, etc.) if you have a GitHub account. Let 'em know what you think.

#privacy #encryption #interoperability

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Proposed new law to ban (some?) computer code in company names

Brief analysis of legislation to protect those who write or use shonky code without proper field sanitisation, by giving the Secretary of State broad discretion.



> An architecture decision record (ADR) is a document that captures an important architecture decision made along with its context and consequences.

# sysctl -a --pattern "net.ipv4.conf.*\.rp_filter"
net.ipv4.conf.all.rp_filter = 1
net.ipv4.conf.default.rp_filter = 1
net.ipv4.conf.eno1.rp_filter = 1
net.ipv4.conf.eno2.rp_filter = 1
# /lib/systemd/systemd-sysctl <(echo 'net.ipv4.conf.*.rp_filter=2')
# sysctl -a --pattern "net.ipv4.conf.*\.rp_filter"
net.ipv4.conf.all.rp_filter = 2
net.ipv4.conf.default.rp_filter = 2
net.ipv4.conf.eno1.rp_filter = 2
net.ipv4.conf.eno2.rp_filter = 2

1) You don't need grep to filter the output of sysctl

2) systemd-sysctl can use wildcards!

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git is a blockchain with a trust-based consensus mechanism

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Arrêt sur Images attaqués en justice par une société d’escroquerie médiatique, le quart de leurs bénéfices annuels (6000 €) déjà engagés en frais d’avocat.
Il est temps de s’abonner (3 mois pour 1 €, puis 5 € par mois).


This is terrifying. If I understand this correctly, is copying a binary from the image on the host, escapes the container to create a mountpoint of the host cgroup into the container thanks to that binary, then removes the binary from the host.

How am I gonna make this kind of shit work on a W^X system? I have no clue.

Oh, if you are interested in this kind of problems, we are hiring :)

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Affaire Kai Terada suspendu 4 mois sans motif officiel, lancement de la campagne de soutien

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Damn, it took way too long but I finally got to create a debian rootfs using debootstrap from an unprivileged account and without fakechroot, which was breaking some symlinks.

The main problem is that debootstrap thinks that we cannot chroot if we cannot create nodes, and solves both issues using fakechroot and the fakechroot variant. Unfortunately, fakechroot has some documented limitations, and I found myself with links like /usr/sbin/init pointing to /$chroot_dir/usr/lib/systemd/systemd instead of /usr/lib/systemd/systemd.

Are you interested in reading more about this? Should I write a blog entry?

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Currently, my new phone is (simultaneously, depending on the website I visit):

* in the Netherlands (I live in France)
* waiting for collection (somewhere? but where? No info)
* delivered (if it is, it was not delivered to me)
* delayed.

Fuck you DHL.

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DHL as a company should have been closed a long time ago. Not even once have I got a good experience with this company deliveries. If you ever are in position to select a transport company, please, please, please, never pick DHL. You would be making your recipients miserable.

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When you think your post doesn’t fit in a tweet but demands a thread, how about writing a classic blog post and linking to that? It is more comfortable to read and better to share.

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I am so sick of . One thing you would expect from a chat application, especially a centralized one, is for messages to be delivered in order. Yet, almost everyday, messages are delivered several minutes after they are sent. Mattermost just inserts them where they should have been originally. You just miss them because NOONE looks into the history for messages that would magically appear out of thin air! This creates tensions in teams "you ignored my question" "haven't you seen my message telling you exactly this?"

Mattermost is the worst chat app I've seen in a while. Sure, it is shiny etc. It just misses the core functionnality: delivering messages correctly.

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