Ok, I can't be the only one who has accidentally typed in infosex dot exchange as opposed to infosec dot exchange right? The keys are pretty close together.

@nore715 Using a different layout might be a good quarantine project. I hear dvorak makes things a lot faster.

@woland Learning a new keyboard layout is truly frightening because it makes you feel your brain ages. I'm french ; when I was 25, I stayed in Scotland for a year and taught myself qwerty. It was easy. About a year ago (aged 49) I learned the bépo layout. It was damn hard : I still haven't caught up the type-speed and accuracy I had on azerty layout - but worse : I'm loosing my skills on azerty… Still, it's a good choice to have switched to bépo because I can feel less strain in my wrists.

@nore715 @woland I think it’s also worth it because you have access to a lot more characters, so I can easily type foreign names with accents/etc., and I know that I won’t need to use weird tricks to be able to type a language if I start learning one.

In my case, I’m French but I learn German and I can easily type ß which doesn’t exist in French; if I need type a Swedish name then I can produce å easily. And *that* is much faster than using an application or copy-paste for “rare” characters…

@bepo @nore715 That's really cool! I speak Spanish, so it looks like bépo could be useful with that as well.

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