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Let's see. When I was younger I liked telephones. A lot. I still do. That included exploring the PSTN and causing general mischief. I have a Western Electric 1D2 payphone in my bedroom. Among other hobbies... I'm an amateur radio operator, Linux user, open source supporter and electronics meddler. I admire any human who has the patience to work in infosec.

I can't really stomach the wallowing echo chamber of Twitter, so maybe this will be better.

FCC will require phone carriers to authenticate calls by June 2021

"The FCC announced today all carriers and phone companies must adopt the STIR/SHAKEN protocol by June 30th, 2021. "

Looks like I should look into what this protocol is all about....

So with some of the virtual things I've been doing I've signed up for Discord. Am I missing something, or is it just a fancy IRC used predominantly by gamers?

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covid (US) (data sets) 

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The FBI is promoting a home-workout app for people stuck indoors during the coronavirus outbreak. It also tracks your location and which WiFi networks you're using.

Nothing like fucking up a GRUB configuration with an update and then using CLI knowledge to fix it. Hot damn it actually worked.

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If you had asked me which direction I saw 2020 going, 1000 times out of 1000 I would not have guessed Britney Spears calling for wealth redistribution and a general strike.

Critical RCE vulnerabilities in Windows 10 tied to bugs in Adobe Type Manager Library (atmfd.dll). No patch yet.

The UK government had the brilliant idea to send out a legitimate SMS about with a link to a website. How many phishing attempts do you think this will generate?

I just joined Twitch so I can participate in a free Security+ course being done by @marcusjcarey on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Unemployed people who want to change career paths should get on this. It's going to be awesome and he's going to have a bunch of hands-on stuff that can help you learn how to be a security analyst.

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For those who didn't know, I started my own company called EliteSec. Here's the latest blog post I wrote up about actions to take if you find the majority of your organization working from home. Enjoy!

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If you're a secops person out of work and interested in some Security Ops contract work, I may be able to help. DM me

100% remote work, full time

If not, please boost for visibility!

Been watching a lot of movies to keep me sane. I've loved this movie since I was a kid. Anyone else know it? Plot: Back in the early 1990s Mr. Robot operates a pirate radio station and plays a game of chicken with the FCC!

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I've written a brief post on affordable mobile radios for communication in the event of a (worse) emergency in the US. Here’s my take as a radio enthusiast. I made a pastebin of it because I didn't feel like doing a long thread. A lot of it applies to other countries, too. Hope it helps someone.

Was asked about an affordable mobile radio for communication in the event of a dire emergency I'm writing something now that I'll post tomorrow. Stay tuned. 🤔

Hey infosec people and hackers. If you have any interest in attending a virtual con on Sunday (9AM-6PM Central US Time.) there's Pancakes con. There are two tracks you can sign up for.

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COVID19, Privacy 

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