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Die Septemberausgabe unseres #Newsletters zu den Themen:

• Neues Diskussionspapier zum «Zielbild E-ID»
• Deep Technology Podcast
• Netzpolitik-Mittagessen
• Herbsttreffen 30. Oktober
• Stammtisch zu autonomen Waffensystemen

If you want some fun, have a meeting with senior management about security... Always worth a good laugh, haha

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Die App der N26-Onlinebank bekommt bei Updates regelmäßig neue Tracker spendiert. Nun sind wir schon bei 12 Trackern - und das innerhalb einer Banking-App. 🙈

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Why waste time on hacking when big corps have plenty of disgruntled employees who will readily deploy ransomware for some quick cash? All while these companies underestimate the insider threat and the destructive power employees could wield.

“Cybercrime Group Asking Insiders for Help in Planting Ransomware”

Hach, das ist halt alles

RT @digitalcourage: Der öffentliche Druck auf die Partei hat gewirkt. Wie berichtet, hat die CDU nachgegeben und ihren Fehler korrigiert. Wir haben unseren Blog entsprechend aktualisiert.

Der Artikel von findet sich hier:

Seems like a great tool, invite only?

RT @ScottMortimer: ~Open Source Security Tool of the Day~

Crossfeed is a tool that continuously enumerates and monitors an organization's public-facing attack surface in order to discover assets and flag potential security flaws. By operating in either passive or active scanning modes, Crossfeed collects data from a variety of open source tools and data feeds to provide actionable information about organization assets.

My job: fight euc applications with an euc application, support data protection by collecting tons of data, ensure security with a very near end of life technology etc... hm... I feel something's wrong

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Does sort of a equivalent / alternative exist in the ?

Clubhouse wird lobend erwähnt. wtf?

RT @kuketzblog: Wenig überraschend: "Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn share the most data with third parties."

Von Marketing kann Security noch viel lernen... Leider

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Die Banking-App von N26 enthält in der aktuellen Version (3.57.1) 12 Tracker!

Kuchendiagramme und die Kommerzialisierung des Dienstes werden der IT-Sicherheit und dem Datenschutz vorgezogen. 🤪

Why is there almost no opensource tool for DMARC Reports analysis????? ...or at least an paid on-prem version? Only overpaid SaaS.

Why is there almost no opensource tool for DMARC Reports analysis????? ...or at least an paid on-prem version? Only overpaid SaaS.

Seen far too much pics of happy people in their "home offices", seems like their back never hurts, even after 12 hours behind their fancy laptop. So I decided to make this picturof things I strongly believe in.

All pics from

The moment you happily analyze a vulnerability scan
and recognize that the worst server is one used by your team... (at least not administrated by us)

Just wanted to initiate a zero trust concept within our security strategy.

Now guess what one of our company mottos is this year...
Trust! Trust clients, collaborators etc.


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