So now it is official: Facebook knowingly and willingly ripped off children, refusing to reimburse illegal charges when parents noticed - all as a means of maximizing profit. They called it "friendly fraud" internally. Wow...

If you ask me, everyone involved should be facing jail time now.


@WPalant sigh... Social Media has proved time and time again that it is incapable of self regulation... It is time for some responsible Regulations to be written and enforced..

@whonose123 While social media regulation isn't a bad thing, this isn't really about it - those are criminal actions performed by a company's top management. There should be consequences for these individuals.


@WPalant yes, 2 things..
1) If it were Regulated then this would have been found and they WOULD be prosecuted or sanctioned.
2)If it were regulated it MAY not have happened at all, and the victims would have never been harmed in the first place.. (the REAL reason for regs is to prevent damage in the first place!

@whonose123 That's usage of games on social media, how is it different from usage of games on Steam or other platforms?

@WPalant it isn't .. it is "social gaming" in general that needs regs..IMHO

@whonose123 Maybe gaming in general, especially in-game payments? I would agree, maybe some more regulation would help here, see also the debate about lootboxes. But the intersection with social media is more or less accidental, Facebook is just one of many gaming platforms in this scenario.

@WPalant but as you pointed out, the "platform operater" turned a blind eye and should be held responsible... so the reguluation should apply to the development, operation AND delivery of the games. The "platform" in this case should be responsible to do proper due diligence on the operator and the conduct of the game(s). Either that or the game and the operators need to be "approved" by a 3rd party certification system b4 they can be dropped on the World.

@whonose123 It's called "fraud" and there are already plenty of laws against it, particularly when minors are involved. At least that's the case in Germany, not sure about US law.

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