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Hey, smart home owners, please remember: „SMART“ is an acronym!

Anything a

You’re welcome. 😎

If you are in a photo that has been uploaded to Flickr, IBM may have used your face to train facial recognition technology that could eventually be used to surveil you.

Nearly a million photos were scraped from Flickr to do so.

Wozu ÖPNV? Sollen sie doch #Flugtaxi fahren.
- Marie Antoinette (Quelle: Internet)

Traurige Zeiten

Nette Zufallsbekanntschaft:
"Wir sollten in Kontakt bleiben."
Ich: "Hast Du vielleicht #Facebook oder #WhatsApp?"
NZ (freudestrahlend): "Beides!"
Ich: "Dann kann ich Dir leider weder Telefonnummer noch Emailadresse geben."


Eines Tages wird es Museen geben, in denen sie Berge von Kaffee-Kapseln ausstellen. Um zu zeigen, wie gaga der Mensch war in Bezug auf Umweltschutz. #climatechange

*sigh* GDPR compliant shredder? Visitor cards? Oh well, I'm quite sure someone will buy it because of that, but .....

A lovely bar graph depicting how much tech executives cost for personal security. Facebook clearly have shit they don't want people to see

Yesterday I started with a series of short blogs. The plan is to do several of them each week. Here's the first one about secure previewing of shortened links.

Ihr kennt das: Ihr sitzt im grün beleuchteten Raum, wollt eigentlich euren unformatierten JS-Code in Ordnung bringen und habt sogar schon ein bisschen reingezoomt, aber es ist super schwierig, weil die rechte Seite des Bildschirms sich nicht scharf stellen lässt.

ICYMI: These are my Tech Predictions* for 2019:

* May contain satire**

** Actually, all predictions for Jan. thru Dec. contain satire, not just those for May***

*** Sorry for that pun. I'll step outside for a moment so I don't have to watch you unfollowing me.

Gehirn-Autocorrect hat im Supermarkt aus „Birken-Shampoo“ eben „Blockchain-Shampoo“ gemacht. Hätte mich aber nicht gewundert, falls es das gibt....

@jerry TSA agent: "please log in to your Facebook account"
Me: "i don't use Facebook"
[a siren blares in the distance]

Prediction: at some point, failure to actively and completely participate in social networks will be considered a sign of subversive behavior that must be investigated, similar to using PGP email or Tor is today.

Happy new year everybody!

My new year's resolution: write more IT satires (again). As a warm-up, I wrote one on Dec. 31st with tech predictions for 2019. Enjoy! =>

18th century blockchain! AKA how I feel when someone is suggesting to use blockchain to solve the problem.

My highlight of 2018: Knowing that there is a young generation of politicians who have a conscience and know how to use social media constructively instead of for harassing people they just fired (or, in some cases, just hired).

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