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"It might be that #clojure is the language for cranky tired old programmers"

Well that sounds like me.


1. Act, the good: my health insurance implements 2FA
2. Act, less good: 2FA requires a custom app from google play, TOTP is not supported
3. Act, the bad: there is also a desktop application for same-device "2FA"
4. Act, really bad: the desktop application is only available for Windows and MacOS
5. Act, the ugly: 2FA is mandatory. Due to a lack of the above-mentioned OS and google play on my android phone, I am no longer able to use the online portal of my health insurance

Small weekend project of mine: hitsofcode.com

Generate badges for the Hits-of-Code metric of your repositories on GitHub, Gitlab or Bitbucket.

@jerry The TLS certificate on infosec.exchange expired about one hour ago...

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Du weißt, dass es ernst wird, wenn #Fefe den Code für seinen Blog anfasst. #Artikel13 #niewiedercdu

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history -c # clear your active shell's history in case you do something stupid like paste a password+newline into your terminal.

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Auf gehts! Noch ist es nicht zu spät!
Raise Your Voice & Act Against Article 13: Contact Your MEPs and Government


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