@aparrish Having used structural matching in Clojure and Rust, I am *delighted* to see it coming to Python. It's incredibly powerful and, unless overused, is much more readable than the corresponding imperative code.

The other thing I'd like to see (and maybe it's already there, or on the way?) is destructuring assignment -- effectively, just one of these case arms, and grabbing things out of a nested data structure and binding them to locals.

@davidrevoy @msh If the NFT doesn't contain a copy of the work (which is my understanding at the moment) then even full copyright would not be a protection against it.

@tedu Algae oil, interesting. I haven't seen that before. Omega 3s, apparently?

And yes, that's an amusing juxtaposition.

I did confirm that it was able to last a few hours on the power pack, so the 300 mA is probably more accurate. (So... what's the deal with this power meter?) I also found that bright sunlight on the solar pack was insufficient to keep it running, boooo.

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This turns out to have a flaw in that the raspberry pi doesn't have a battery-backed real time clock module, so when it loses power unexpectedly (e.g. when the power pack itself is plugged in/unplugged via its own charging cable) then it doesn't have a chance to save the time for next boot. Fun time-travel effects in the graph.

I could get a $6 RTC module for it if I wanted to, though...

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The power pack is rated to 3000 mAh capacity but has probably declined over time. Probably like 1000 mAh if I've treated it poorly.

My borrowed power meter says the computer and meter only pull a total of about 40 mA, but the rpi website says idle is about 300 mA, so I just don't know.

Should be good for a couple hours of readings, though!

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That's a co2mini CO2 and temperature meter plugged into a Raspberry Pi single-board computer via USB. The Raspberry Pi starts up automatically when power is connected, and then starts reading and logging CO2 data from the meter. The Pi is plugged into a Waka Waka solar power pack (solar capability will not be in use.)

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Portable CO2 logger, prototype. May be able to get a kid to bring this into school this week to get a ground-truth reading of the school's ventilation.

@lattera Isn't there still, like... that whole phone number thing?

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@cjd, for this I always have at least 3 or 4 profiles in each browser. One of them is always called "Danger W.R., Danger", where I have no plugins, no settings and everything is deleted on exit and never use it unless something is totally broken, and even then, I just paste the link, login and get the hell out.

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Me: Type a credit card number into a website using chrome.
Google: You added a new card to your Google Account

@da @aral This approach also seems like something that could be done across the board with a browser extension, which makes me inherently suspicious of the technique -- if it works, why don't people just use an extension?

(I don't use dark mode, so I have no idea what the failure modes are. Useful to hear about the GPU and CPU issues here, and I'm curious to hear more about what the visible artifacts are!)

@nicod_ @aral Yeah, there's something weird here on Firefox 78 on Linux. It looks like the "background-color: " in the dark mode block is getting applied without then being inverted. If you change it to #111 it looks great, and is probably the intended effect.

I wonder if the background color on the html element is handled specially in Firefox, and escapes the filter. If you change that rule to target body, it works as desired (but you know, narrower).

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staring slack-jawed at your computer instead of just getting up, brushing your teeth, and getting to bed already

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Huge “surprise”: the algorithm used by to scan your iPhone for CSAM has already been reconstructed. And the first collision is also there already. Yes, this is going to be fun.

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> What’s the German word for “don’t build security systems that rely on obscurity but can’t keep important details confidential for more than two weeks.”


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If you ever find yourself at a company doing this: leave ASAP. The “hard work” heroism is an incredibly bad take for everyone. Long work hours destroy people’s mental health, and they don’t even increase productivity. Overworked people make lots of mistakes, only wasting time.

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> The Internet Explorer team was the hardest-working team I’ve ever been on. And I’ve worked at multiple start-ups. It was a sprint, not a marathon. …


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Was just chatting with my neighbor about how she used to be able to read hex dumps of fortran and cobol programs "as easy as reading a punch card"

@nolan Or even better, Atom! I tried implementing RSS for my blog, discovered the spec is kind of awful, and switched to Atom. Most feed readers take either.

@antanicus @nolan I think it makes sense to give excerpts to keep the bandwidth low, especially if the feed has a large number of entries.

It would be nice if there was a standard query param you could flip that would give you full or partial.

...I guess ETag support would be even better though, come to think of it.

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