waiting on a firmware update for my headphones because 2019 is trash

"uhh my headphones need to connect to a special app to make them work good and i forgot to charge my cigarette" said the hero of a bullshit cyberpunk novel noone would ever read called the year 2019

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"oh shit my thermostat got a virus that helped ddos a gamer and now my doorbell is turning me in to the police" said dirk chuggly as he cracked open an energy drink aerated with real nitrous oxide

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@burgin I'm honestly surprised no one makes a nitro energy drink. Maybe I'll buy a NOS, make it flat then try it


@jackdaw_ruiz @Authoritimmy @burgin You might be confusing nitrogen with nitrous oxide. :-)

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@varx @jackdaw_ruiz @burgin
Nitrous oxide is what is used for nitro beverages and making whipped cream typically

@Authoritimmy @jackdaw_ruiz @burgin Correct on canned whipped cream, incorrect on nitrogenized beer and coffee.

But hey, there's still time left in 2019 for this bad idea to be made reality, so let's get crackin'!

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