reading this article on how metastasizing corporate social media suffocated community on the internet (in particular art communities like deviantart) makes me think that—like learning html and css—learning how to set up and administer and customize your own installation of forum/community software should be considered a basic part of internet literacy

in my experience there was definitely a feedback loop that happened in education around the time that facebook etc gained popularity: classes that had been about learning how to make web pages suddenly became about how to use existing platforms; when github came out, the parts of programming classes that had been about learning how to share/upload/collaborate on code were replaced with "sign up for a github account" etc. (and as an educator i'm guilty of all of this too)

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@aparrish Or ideally, we figure out decentralized social media, and make the clients amenable to tweaking.

...but now that I say that, I realize that I've been using Kotlin and Rust for my experiments in that direction. I should probably be using something like Python that can be edited in place!

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