Hey, Daylight Saving Time starts this weekend in the US. Time for hot takes!

I'll start:

"No, setting us to DST all year 'round won't fix your inability to get to bed at a reasonable time."

@varx I don't know about hot takes but it's definitely more harmful to change clocks than not, the EU is working on stopping changing clocks because of that

@wolfie Well, essentially everyone I know agrees that DST transitions are terrible, but an annoying number of my friends want to be on the daylight-time schedule year-round because then they'll have more light in the evenings or something like that.

...but I'm *pretty sure* a lot of these people are free to work 8-4 instead of 9-5, and just choose not to. -.-

@varx yeah if people could work more flexible hours then time changes would be unnecessary

@wolfie Yeah, maybe I'm just showing my flexible-hours privilege.

...but it seems *weird* that instead of "let's change our business hours in a coordinated way", people go for "let's change our time-pieces in a coordinated way". Like, there's little to no discussion of the first one. Maybe it's just Bad and Horrible to suggest that the government should tell companies what to do.

@BlueBayliss Really tempting, isn't it? I need to read through again ("So You Want To Abolish Time Zones"). I remember disagreeing with parts of it, but I recall he made some good points, so at the moment I'm not sure what to think.

@BlueBayliss OK yeah, after reading it again, I think he sinks his own argument in the fourth sentence. "Google, what time is it in Melbourne?" can simply be replaced with "Google, what's the solar time in Melbourne?"

If you're already looking up and remembering time zones and doing the math, you're gonna have to do it either way.

If you're just asking a web service... you can still just ask the web service!

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