Rainbow Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus deglupta) trees, native to Southeast Asia, look like something from a fairytale. Their beautiful trunks are a result of how their bark grows.

As the trees grow, they shed flakes of bark, revealing bright green, young bark underneath. Slowly, this fresh bark ages and fades though a variety of colours – blue, purple, pink, orange, and finally a dark maroon colour. This final dark coloured bark falls away, repeating the cycle.

Image source: pixels.com/featured/rainbow-eu

@InvaderXan Unfortunately, most images I see of this gorgeous tree appear to have had the saturation boosted waaaaay the hell up, including this one.

They look super cool as is!

I did suspect something like that, sadly. Still pretty all the same.

@InvaderXan I have some concern that people will find Actual Nature less impressive and inspiring when they've been exposed to so much "airbrushed" nature. But maybe it doesn't matter.

In my experience, a lot of people get excited about nature irrespective of whether or not it’s conventionally pretty.


@InvaderXan Oh hmm, that's a good point! That does make me less worried about it. :-)

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