the Hololens "Typography" page has such an uncanny mixture of the practical and buzzwordy and utopian scifi "Text in both the physical world and the virtual world needs to be legible and readable. Text could be on a wall or superimposed on a physical object. It could be floating along with a digital user interface. [...] For the user's comfort, two meters is the optimal distance for placing holograms. We can use this distance as a basis to find the optimal font size."

has anyone ever written a scifi story entirely in the format of a typography style guide

This gives a whole new meaning to 'design fiction', and I want one so much.

Wait. Does a conlang with an unusual orthography count as design fiction in this context? Like, the list of suggestions on how to format ilakash...

@enkiv2 I think so, yeah! and after I wrote that toot I realized that I had co-authored a story(?) that might actually be in that genre

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