What are the the most important things that you feel are missing from a plain-text world? For me, it would be:

- Image or file embedding
- Code blocks (block and inline)
- Maybe links, since autolinkers suck

As a sighted person, I can *mostly* get away with not having emphasis tags, blockquotes, headings, and lists since I can just use indentation and ** «» # - characters, but I'm sure those create problems for screenreaders, so throw those in as well.

What are the other essentials?

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Does anyone know the reasoning behind the <p> vs. <br> distinction in HTML?

(I understand how to use them, but I'm having trouble coming up with a good explanation for *why* HTML has this design choice.)

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reminder that NIST 800-63b recommends

- allowing all printing ascii characters
- allowing unicode
- normalizing unicode using NFKC or NFKD prior to hashing
- using a password-strength meter (presumably based on estimated entropy) instead of having composition rules
- not forcing periodic password changes

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The second map now has keybindings for both phone and keyboard, as described on the About page: lab.brainonfire.net/classicmap

It might be nice to add "one last tweak", which is to keep the old tiles in place until the new ones have loaded, and to pre-zoom them to create a progressive-refinement look. (This, again, was a property of the original Google Maps.)

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First pass on a social semantic markup language:



- Does not prescribe consistent rendering across clients
- Actively discourages use of semantic tags for formatting
- Easy to write (but expect most users to use a graphical interface)
- Easy to parse
- Can be displayed to users that *don't* have a graphical interface
- Room for evolution and, conversely, graceful fallback when a client doesn't understand a newer tag

Would love to hear feedback.

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So much car infrastructure, so little cdr infrastructure.

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Hartle, 55, claimed to learn that someone had cast a ballot in the 2020 election for his wife Rosemarie Hartle, who died in 2017.

Would have been a good time to ask how he learned this...


I'm tempted to make the first map support query parameters, server-side HTML generation, and therefore JS-less navigation, but this is good enough for my needs at the moment, since the phone *does* have JS.

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OK, fixed the main issues! It uses 4 tiles and offsets them as appropriate, uses 1/3 panning steps, and has more compact controls designed *precisely* for my phone's screen size, heh.

I also ended up writing another version that fills the screen and has overlaid controls, like the original Google Maps: lab.brainonfire.net/classicmap

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It's barely functional and has huge usability issues such as "rounding errors" (zooms to/from upper left, sort of) and overly large navigation steps, but this isn't supposed to be pleasant to use -- it's supposed to get me un-lost if I've screwed up.

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This morning's project: An interactive map web page that works on my "dumb smartphone":


(It uses old-ass Javascript that the seven year old embedded Android browser can understand. Most of the web doesn't work, which is fine by me.)

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You'll want some pipe dope to go with that,


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@screenbeard i wanna have the white cis het male of browser impressions

@BirdsiteLIVE Question about birdsite.live -- you use the adjective "ethical" in a few places to describe it, but I don't understand why. Can you enlighten me?

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My favorite "attribution" requirement appears in DawnLike's README.txt:

> As for crediting me, I have a unique request. Inside "Reptiles.png" you will find a Platino sprite. If you use Dawnlike, you MUST use this sprite and hide him very well! Some ideas are...
> - Try eating a long sword 10 times and he will pop up.
> - 1/1000 rabid woodchucks will spawn with his sprite.

(A "bear asses" fetch quest is also suggested)

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Your regular reminder: when using Chrome, you are the product. Chrome is merely a vehicle to provide Google services with a competitive advantage.

This Twitter post cites court documents showing how Google leverages its browser to reliably track users, all while restricting tracking capabilities of competition.


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Cafepress (twitter.com/cafepress) database was leaked. I just received a spam on an email address dedicated to their website.

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