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one time I left Waze open when I was walking into a Meijer and when i got to the front door my phone loudly said "YOU HAVE ARRIVED AT YOUR DESTINATION" and everyone around me looked at the sad bearded guy who needs directions from the parking lot to the front door

@sir Pushing commits to Sourcehut went from hella slow to hella fast some time in the last month. Did you fix some kind of perf bottleneck, or throw more resources at it, or what?

(Either way, it made me happy.)

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Yet another article from an ex-Googler highlighting the culture change at the company. Yes, "don't be evil" is a thing from the past.

/me makes another tick mark under "I wonder if there's a vulnerability here. Nah, can't be, there's no way they messed that up. Oh, will you look at that..."

Mine is going to be versioned, like HTML used to be (a "living standard" is no standard at all) and I expect to go through a couple of (mostly additive) iterations, but it would be nice to get it As Right As Possible on the first pass.

It's also a good chance to fix some oddities in HTML, such as the anchor tag.

At minimum, I need to look through the latest snapshot of the HTML5, ignoring all the interactive and presentation elements.

I wonder if I should also look at ARIA and some other accessibility specs, but I'm not actually sure how relevant this will be.

I will soon be writing a spec for a semantic markup language (likely a variant on HTML, but with hardly any presentation elements). The first use will be for a social media system, but it should be applicable to documents in general.

What prior art should I know about?

What else do I need to know, in order to not fuck this up?

(Boosts appreciated!)

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Whenever you imprison an ancient evil, make sure the one night of the year it’s possible for it to escape is a reasonably large random prime number of years from the time you imprisoned it, to minimize the likelihood of future generations having to deal with sixty different terrifying evils all being released at once. Cyclically. Every thousand years.

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@szbalint the sheer quantity of security advice that boils down to 'don't use your computer to accomplish anything' is mind-boggling to me.

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Well, that's it! I successfully spent 2019 reading and blogging about each of the first 365 RFCs.

I have more posts to come, including some related research that didn't quite fit with the RFC-a-day format, and an interview with the brilliant outgoing RFC series editor, Heather Flanagan.

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Going to try this federated thing through this year and see how it goes. Any good accounts to follow around journalism, Ruby or New York City?

« Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg won’t talk to the Guardian. So we fed everything he says into an algorithm, built a Zuckerbot, and interviewed it »

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TFW you've been working on a bug for hours and suddenly...

I have no idea what I did

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> author unknown

Gene Ziegler

He has a great "posting policy" for that, too. Attached image from his site which seems to be a bit broken right now.

🔅 Using Word documents and Track Changes

🔆 Using plaintext and `diff`

☀️ Using PDFs and crossing my eyes

DocuSign's minimum browser requirements indicate:

« Internet Explorer 6.0?, Mozilla FireFox 1.0, NetScape 7.2 (or above) »

Phew! I'm on FireFox (sic) 68, so I should be good! But, oh no, what's this...

« Operating Systems: Windows2000? or WindowsXP? »

Detecting lack of a javascript on the user agent and assisting the user in enabling it: An attempt was made.

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The etiquette of replying on social media 

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