12 months ago I started a little mailing list called Laravel Security in Depth, with the ambitious idea to send out weekly emails about @laravelphp@twitter.com Security...

12 months of emails later and it's going strong with over 1k subscribers! 🥳


The mailing list is focused around monthly In Depth articles, covering a specific Laravel security concept, with security tips in the other weeks. Aimed at developers of all skill levels and security knowledge.

I've covered a wide variety of topics from encryption, to policy objects, to magic email codes & links, content security policies, and lots more!

Not only are there emails, but I also built 4 interactive hacking demos to learn more about the topics covered.


I am incredibly proud of what I've managed to accomplish with it over the year, and I have some really fun plans for the future!

If you're a Laravel developer, and want to learn more about security (which you really should!) then check it out: larasec.substack.com/

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