What are the pros & cons for working with a publisher to publish a technical book? Is it worth it?

I like the fact they handle most of the non-writing stuff, but I also know they take a large cut of the money... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@valorin There are quite a few pro authors out here who would have a lot to say ... for example (Hi @mwlucas ) might start you ...

But one question would be "why". What is it about "a book" that you envisage as being useful rather than say just a big series of blog posts?

Being able to describe that might help you figure out some of the questions ...

@yojimbo @mwlucas
Honestly, I don't know.

I had a publisher reach out to me last week wanting me to write a book for them, and I'm been
wondering if it's worth considering or not.

I already write a in depth mailing list, and am developing an idea for a "course". But a book was never really o my radar.

@valorin @yojimbo

Ah, you're not even to my decision tree yet.

Sounds like the purpose in you writing a book would be to gain credibility as an expert. "I wrote the book on this" is a selling point in certain types of consulting. Depending on your career goals, it might be worthwhile. :flan_shrug:

@valorin @mwlucas Randomly reaching out sounds like something Packt would do. I ended up reviewing a pfSense book from them over 10 years ago, for minimal recompense but the experience was worthwhile ...

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