@rysiek @vagnes
IMO this should've been
A>have you read my essay?
B>no, it was a .doc, I couldn't open it. Send an odt or pdf next time.

@vagnes @rysiek IMO if you're the guy with beard in the comic, you shouldn't use ms office in the first place, if you want to tell others to stop sending you .doc files.

@rysiek @vagnes maybe.
My original point was that maybe we need to improve the way we're trying to convince people not to send us .doc files.
Maybe you've boosted the comic because it was funny, but IMO it points out an error in our advocacy.

@vagnes I feel your pain. I use openoffice (in part b/c I support open source, and in part because it's free). I always have to tell my clients to submit their document in an older form of word in order for me to be able to look at the doc.
@vagnes >open-source
You're part of the problem. It's called Free Software.

@endoffile @nepfag *screams via GNU Womb's grab-url-from-mail utility as an email-based proxy*

Now that I reread this #xkcd I'm wondering what the last panel is referring to. I used to think it's about dedication to useless ideas, because advocating free software didn't work.
Now I got, that the gesture of playing the tiny violin also stands for money. Can anybody explain the joke to me?

@vagnes Yeah but who was the figurehead of this? A man who eats skin off his own feet, and discusses nasal sex with dead plants at Texas Instruments to the point where he's never invited back.

@vagnes stallman.org/articles/texas.ht

""One of them said he was upset when you talked about nasal sex with plants." I had actually demonstrated this perverse act with the bouquet on the table, at dinner the night before I was sent home. The plants were dead, although well preserved, so I was performing rhinophytonecrophilia on them. "

@kichimi I don't think that was the point xkcd was trying to make.

@vagnes I know, but it's still a valid point, its easy to dismiss someone who is literally a nutcase as a nutcase on serious topics. Marketing wouldn't exist if everyone on the planet worked on pure logic.

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