So I'm moving to a pleroma instance I set up at , but I have some problems. Often it logs "Signature missing or not from author, relayed Create message, fetching object from source"

To people actually understanding pleroma, is this normal? I'm not sure if web push keys are correctly configured...

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@vagnes it is federating fine. there is a problem with Pleroma FE where it will refuse to show profiles when there are no posts seen yet. a workaround is to use Mastodon FE or import your follower list or something like that.

@kaniini Thanks! And if it logs "If you wish to enabled web push, please run "mix web_push.gen.keypair" and add the resulting output to your configuration file." even though I seemed to have configured it, is that also normal?

@vagnes did you put it in the right config file? should be prod.secret.exs if you are running MIX_ENV=prod (which you should be)

@kaniini I think so, I sat it up with angristan's docker-pleroma guide, although I see in the dockerfile that it only says "CMD ["mix", "phx.server"]". Should it also mention the MIX_ENV here?

@vagnes i suspect the docker tutorial is not updated for web push yet.

@kaniini I had to update the dockerfile bco elixir 1.7, but didn't change it apart from that. Angristan seems like he updated it for web push 21d ago

@tbr @vagnes

that is normal. it just means mastodon sent us some JSON-LD LDS garbage and we're refetching the object to verify it really exists since we don't implement LDS for many good reasons.
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