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Started on today with the aim of curating resources etc for people entering the field.

If there is something you think is useful to have there, just PR or send an issue.

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? sure

I like:
* Markdown
* Python
* Retro game emulation
* Cats

I do:
* Infosec
* Tabs over spaces
* Vim over emacs
* Music production

I am:
* Norwegian
* Living in Poland
* Working on my BSc in infosec

I don't like:
* Anti-science/-vaccine/-gmo
* Climate change deniers
* Nazis and communists

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A lot of cloudflare's crypto is actually done in Go, and some of their people (Vlad the Compiler esp.) has done great work to speed up those processes.

Here I am making tutorials on CLIs.

OpenBook is really fitting to its name; it's really looks like a Facebook ripoff.

Mastodon is more popular, or rather ActivityPub, and it's actually something that people could benefit from, in contrast to yet another centralised system.

Fun fact: Nintendo Switch is only *almost* compatible with the USB-C standard, most likely since its design was set before the standard was widely available or adopted.

Which is true for most stuff using USB-C anyway.

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Tool for finding and analyzing key files on a filesystem and within Android APK files #DFIR #forensics

Good morning!

Here's a nice talk to go with your cereal.

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> Adblock Browser for Android
> 4 trackers
> asking 32 permissions (half being 'dangerous')
> 10,000,000+ downloads #privacy

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You cannot longer controll your Sonos speakers without an account. Security measures. SECURITY MEASURES.
I'm waiting for the moment my microwave asks me for an account.

Guess who will sell his Sonos speakers. Fck this.

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I built a head-mounted LiDAR array that lets you see the world like a dolphin through vibrations sent through you jaw.

Bonus: you look absolutely ridiculous wearing it.

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This is getting out of hand...

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I don't remember the exact wording, but this holiday I rememberd about @superruserr 's mention of people that only post about their "main" ie infosec, as well as her disconnecting for a couple of days.

It does feel refreshing, but it's indeed good to be back in the fediverse.

It's both charming and irritating that I have to tune my analogue synth again after 10 min of activity.

Mostly charming.

Back from my short holiday in Norway. Time to code.

Right after this beer.

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