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Started on today with the aim of curating resources etc for people entering the field.

If there is something you think is useful to have there, just PR or send an issue.

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? sure

I like:
* Markdown
* Python
* Retro game emulation
* Cats

I do:
* Infosec
* Tabs over spaces
* Vim over emacs
* Music production

I am:
* Norwegian
* Living in Poland
* Working on my BSc in infosec

I don't like:
* Anti-science/-vaccine/-gmo
* Climate change deniers
* Nazis and communists

I wrote "0-mail inbox" a while back on the now defunct Hillock. It really made a difference in how emails always seemed to pile up and get in the way.

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Linus Torvalds introspection(!) + Show more

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My SSD has been drunk for several days now. Suddenly it shows 100% utilisation, but changing power modes back and forth fixes it.

Gotta love Windows. bisou

Still waiting for Kali Linux for the Nintendo Switch.

Memes as a Service (MaaS) is the future.

It will also get it's own blockchain and ICO.

It's amazing how expensive digital forensics software is. Feel sorry for the wallets of those wanting to start as small business owners.

Doing a small mobile forensic task for an assignment and even though the device isn't rooted, you'd be surprised how much data (that tell so much about you) that is just stored as files. Especially cached files from social media apps like Twitter.

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“Oh hey look they glued keyboard keys to the wall.”

*steps back to take photo*


lewd: Show more

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Il est génial cet article, je vous recommande grandement sa lecture:



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