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Started on today with the aim of curating resources etc for people entering the field.

If there is something you think is useful to have there, just PR or send an issue.

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? sure

I like:
* Markdown
* Python
* Retro game emulation
* Cats

I do:
* Infosec
* Tabs over spaces
* Vim over emacs
* Music production

I am:
* Norwegian
* Living in Poland
* Working on my BSc in infosec

I don't like:
* Anti-science/-vaccine/-gmo
* Climate change deniers
* Nazis and communists

Please don't vote Democrat. I still need trump in office longer so I can have a bigger data set for my impersonation bot.

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@jerry Several posts and comments from is not showing, is this something known?

Arduino, but it's Halloween preparations.

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Amazing shit #Discord is trying to pull here. Be careful what shit you agree with and protect your future self. -

Just now I tried to write a few words that I often write with qwerty instead of dvorak (python, this, mastodon to name a few) and I realise how unintuitive it felt.

Really weird feeling since that qwerty is somthing that I wrote with since I was in kindergarten.

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inotifywait -e open art.jpg && s=$(stat -c %s art.jpg );h=$(($s/2));r=$((s-h)); dd if=/dev/urandom | grep -a -o -P "[\x01-\xD0]" | tr -d $'\n' | dd of=art.jpg bs=1 seek=$h count=$r # Digitally "shred" half a file after it is opened. #Banksy

"I do not consider Russia to be particularly oppressive..."

And Tiananmen Square in China is a great place for students to demonstrate.

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Would #elementaryOS developers please stop using #Medium for their newsletters? We've got open, federated and less JavaScript-ier alternatives.

If you need Medium for engagement, make it a repost and clearly mark it as such.

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2018 and SQL injection is still so prevalent. Train your devs and test for vulnerabilities (as you should do for all common security risks and vulnerabilities, Owasp top 10, Sans top 25)!

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