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Can we please pay the ?

🎶 Noise Unit said to be premiering new album Deviator here in a few minutes. youtube.com/watch?v=HG24hzP1IV

Watching the “Golazo” show, and wondering if this is what NFL Red Zone is like? ⚽️🏈

Ok, minus.social/members/toddgrote is a fun experiment. You get 100 lifetime posts, but unlimited replies on posts.

In this DS9 episode: crime was done to the goblin…allegedly, anyway. (S2E12)

20 years ago, as we gathered in class, I expressed my fear that this would quickly become a justification to kill even more people than had already died, and that we would do to ourselves what the terrorists could not. I wish my fears had been incorrect. 🕊

Love how Google, which knows everything about me, can’t figure out where I am (for YouTube TV access), even when I give it location access. 🤦‍♂️

Finished reading: My Time Among the Whites: Notes from an Unfinished Education by Jennine Capó Crucet 📚 micro.blog/books/9781250299437

🎲 online or in-person for games asks Jeremy.

I love the convenience of online, and the tools have become very good. It’s amazing as a GM.

As a player, I find it can be distracting, as other things are constantly trying to grab my attention. At the table, I can put my phone away. It’s ... blog.grotenhuis.info/2021/09/0

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