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Brasero, a CD/DVD writer app, is unmaintained but still widely used. Would you like to maintain it?

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Now imagine being a bodybuilder who exclusively uses Cricket-sourced protein and being The Man Crickets Built

That doesn’t include packaging and distribution though... gotta sort that out.

If I put ads on the packaging, or opened a separate line of full priced meal replacement drinks to fund these core drinks...

Could I bring the cost down of a single healthy meal to price of a package of ramen?

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Crickets can be ranched in urban settings, in skyrises. They don’t need a large field.

Ranch them close to where they are sold. Cuts down on the cost of distribution.

Using some of the recipes found at and I can get a meal replacement drink with solid macros to around 50¢ a drink. That’s 400 calories.

That’s $2.50 for a 2000 calorie diet.

That’s wholesale, doesn’t take into consideration greater economies of scale!

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Side thought...

Crickets are one of the most efficient sources of protein and require very little water and feed in comparison go chickens and beef (measured per gram of protein produced).

I wonder how cheap you could make a meal replacement drink.


Less dreaming/planning and more doing.

I’ve researched and planned everything out. Now I just need to do it.

Wish me Determination and Discipline!

When Blue Team has you cornered, but you have one last trick up your sleeve...

Trying to write more. Get better at it.

Started writing 100 to 300 words a day, a short paragraph or two. Only wrote once a week at first, then once every other day.

Wrote about a thousand words today! A page and a half or so!

If I can get up to 2000 words a day, every day, I think I can actually make something!

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‪This song is the story of my life.‬


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If you're poking a Quectel EC25 LTE modem on Debian Stretch...

You NEED the updated qmi stuffs from testing. Otherwise it'll just explode without useful details.

Initial tests (see link for notes ; expires 2019/01/20) are promising. The ipv6 address assigned to the modem is assigned to the carrier I'm using according to an ARIN lookup.


c/ @tinker

OH: Hacking and the Occult are a lot alike. In both, if you know a person’s True Name, you can have control over them.

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I'm thinking of doing a podcast with an InfoSec focus. Would be 15-20min episodes. Debating topics still.

I'm leaning toward a podcast where we talk through various things folks getting into InfoSec would need to know. Grow to include the infinite number of topics out there. Helpful for newbies & experts & leaders. Not just "What is AV" but "Why does AV matter". Periodically bring on experts and vendors to talk about their expertise and dive deeper into specific topics.


I need to set up custom RSS feeds.

Need to overhaul my news consumption.

I haven’t been reading much news anyways...


I haven’t had much time for social media recently...

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So is supposed to be installed on a smartphone before you can use it on desktop? Unofficially, the desktop version is perfectly capable of creating new accounts. All you need is a number to receive an SMS or voice mail. Here is how.

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