@TheGibson @ryen - Now, now... that wasn’t the reason for the ban.

I got banned for POSTING every social security number (all numbers from 000-00-0000 to 999-99-9999).

Never asked anyone for theirs... but I did, axiomatically, have all of theirs in the list.

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@superruserr - I didn’t get a refund, but they did give me flight credits. It’ll be fine.

@m4iler - eh, they canceled it anyway. So I’m not traveling to Europe.

@ryen @TheGibson @m4iler@hackers.town - The Navy boats us around, and we appreciate that.

@m4iler@hackers.town @TheGibson - I talk smack about the Navy all the time.

@orangelamp - Can mount the pi behind the monitor. But it all fits in a bag and is light.

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@loic - For a single use, yes. The Pi plus the Nexdock is around $300 USD.

The savings comes when I want to update from the Pi. I keep the Nexdock and only update the compute module which is only $25 to $55 USD depending.

Beats throwing away a good trackpad, keyboard, and monitor every time you want to upgrade.

@m4iler - I ain’t a hero, and I mean that seriously. But are you going to be in the area?!

Heading out to Geneva, Switzerland on March 19th and 20th for Insomni'hack.

Giving a talk on “To Logical, Through Physical, Via Social: Accessing internal networks through physical access using social engineering techniques.”

Never been to Switzerland...


@m4iler - Happy New Year!

@jerry @TheGibson @ella_kane@hackers.town @JohnsNotHere @ryen @estoricru@hackers.town

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