Google Street View letting you case a joint by going into its parking lot and checking rear doors and loading docks is one thing.

Letting you use 360° Photo to case a lobby (and get an idea of physical security and security guards) is another thing entirely.

This is nice!

@RadicalEdward - Absolutely! And kick over any issues you have. You might have to discover some things about the network first (try ~/$ ip -br a ) etc. Let me know if you need any help!

@RadicalEdward - ~/$ sudo nmap -sS -A -p 80,443,8080,8443 --open <your IP address>/24

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But as we had met under a false pretense and she only knew me by a false name, I felt it unethical to pursue anything other than a professional relationship.

As such, I brought the conversation back to the task at hand and asked her for the corporate wifi password.

Was on a con in Europe once. One of my marks was an attractive and delightful woman.

We hit it off immediately and exchanged light and friendly banter.

Under normal circumstances, I might have given her my number and offered to buy her coffee...

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@tinker Here's that blogpost you wanted me to write! I doubt it will be anything new or particularly understandable, but it's written and you can read it ;-)

@TheGibson - Simple and with a specific purpose. I don’t tend to write entire suites of code :P

I’m taking the time to procrastinate on social media to say that I need to stop procrastinating and actually use the remaining 15 minutes (15 MINUTES?!?! SHIT, I’VE WASTED ALL MORNING!!!!) in a productive manner.

@m4iler - That was brave and good of you to write that out. I’ve had to deal with the idea of surveillance and tracking myself. In the end you can only do so much to minimize it. We all have to live and the world is not ideal. It’s a shit situation, but folks are born, live, and die every day and they make it through. I appreciate you putting words to screen. Gives me something to think about.

@m4iler - Dude. Please write an article on ssh reverse tunnels. I do them. I don’t get them. Like. I’ve had it explained to me and I’ve built them up and used them, but I still don’t get it. I would love to get your take on them!

And.. I’m writing a bit myself right now. Little stuff here and there. Trying to get better.

‪Quick and dirty Bash wrapper for nmap scans.‬

‪Does targetted scans at first for immediate actions, while conducting an all port scan in the background. Meant to be tweaked as needed.‬

‪Don’t use this script. Just throwing it up for the heck of it.‬


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@kaniini Haven't worked on the modem yet, but it has mainline and ofono support so shouldn't be hard.

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