Just got my Neon Moon Tarot deck in from @PixelOccult !!!!

Did a simple Past, Present, Future spread and damn... some harsh draws.

Hahaha :) This is the most honest, cutting, enlightening, and appropriate deck I’ve ever had.

I am so, so, so excited to have a , , technological deck.

@PixelOccult - Yeah! The art prints are gorgeous. Going to get them custom framed.

Showed a colleague your deck and showed him the imagery as it relates to classic Rider-Waite. He commented, “That is some scary attention to detail!” 🤣

@tinker @PixelOccult

Sadly i missed out on it. It just wasn't in the cards.

Yes, pun intended.

You going to sell these outside of the kickstarter P.O.?

@TheGibson @tinker You bet! I'll get these listed on my Etsy shop pretty much as soon as I'm able to handle the extra shipments! Hopefully soon ^___^

@PixelOccult @Corvusheart - I’m in a rough place. This deck, even the online draws, have been cutting to the bone. Consistently.

Is fine though. Shit I need to hear and consider.

I couldn’t have found a better deck, especially during the challenges that I have and are facing.

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