@tinker - Initial prototype is using a Raspberry Pi which is not fully open sourced by default. Later iterations will either replace the RPi binary blobs with open sourced software or use a different Single Board Computer.

Note: There are no open sourced OTS basebands currently.

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I’ve reached one benchmark already - I have a wifi tablet configured to a 5in touchscreen portrait view as a proof of concept.

Next benchmark is accessing data via the baseband and cellular network. I’m currently working on that.

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@tinker I've been eyeballing this sort of project for a while. Let me know how the Cellular experience is please.

@TheGibson - That’s what I’m working on right now. I gave a 4G / LTE pi shield from sixfab.com that I’m currently tinkering with.

@tinker looks fun. But, once I get my taxes back. I'm getting a bladerf and setting up an asterisk box with some Google trunks and building a small GSM/lte provider on my street. I live in the ghetto, some of these folks could use a phone.

@tinker going to have to ask you to come over with your new phone to test it out once you get yours built 😅

@tinker cool, I'd recommend looking at 96boards, they have a fixed form factor and many chip vendors. Might be a way for you to not choose the specific board, but let the other HW/case/etc match the which ever someone wants.



> The hardware will be modular and based on various Single Board Computers (SBCs). While the Raspberry Pi is not fully open sourced by default, I'll be focusing on it for the prototype as there is such a large community and set of documentation around it. Later, I'll look to other boards, such as the BeagleBoard lineup or the Pine/Rock64's.

Was going to ask about this. Glad this is addressed.

@brainblasted - I figure it’ll be easier to build for the RPi at first and then tweak for other boards. End goal is as full open source as possible (note: I don’t know or any open source basebands, so that part will always be closed source. And I hate that.)

@tinker I’d like to help with the wiki when the time comes, if possible! This is a project I’ve hoped will pop up for ages

@benjbrandall - Absolutely! I’ve got a small list of folks who want to help. I’ll reach out when the time comes!

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