Wait... is centralized? I thought it was just an IRC skin....


So, ya’ll know IRC is a thing? Also decentralized :D

@tinker I'm still amazed that slack picked up but irccloud.com did not. The latter was an actual nice interface to IRC.

@tinker backed by AWS, iirc. Might have expanded to multiple regions and access zones but still...

@tinker yeah, slack is centralised.

I fucking hate it, always have, partially because of that reason.

Fuck Slack.

@tinker Regardless, I much prefer IRC. I just don't often find security folks on IRC as easily as I have on here.

@tinker @smallsees yeah, but not federated nor distributed. Thus I'm trying to favour matrix!

@musicmatze @tinker I tried matrix but it didn't suit. I think the website app thing assumes your internet doesn't suck

@tinker how are people supposed to make money off of IRC???

@slipstream @tinker embrace and extend. And lock in. And make a pretty interface. Sounds like Slack, doesn’t it?

@jerry except without the protocol.

Well, that's not true, just they don't implement *much* of the protocol, and they made it *optional* and default-*disabled*.

@jerry @tinker click on this rich text file I linked. works all the time.

@tinker @Roland Decentralized, self hostable, open source alternative to #Slack: Riot and Matrix ! Possible to encrypt chatrooms, and the search is wayyy better (search is really lame on Slack)

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