Had a chance to talk to high schoolers and early vocational school students (information security tracks) about hacking and pentesting. Spoke to two groups and walked them through a tabletop of breaching a company.

A lot of enthusiastic folks. A lot of great back and forth! That was a blast.

@tinker that sounds like so much fun, and a great way to kickstart the next generation of infosec people :)

@gradius - One kid was very smart and knowledgeable. Had a lot of curiosity (knew a lot of hacking tricks) and spoke up enthusiastically during the talk. His professors seemed a little hesitant to talk about him. Seems he didn’t always turn in work and seemed aimless.

But he was a kid. Smart. Had no goals. No direction. Afterwards he came up to me and we spoke a lot. He seemed to develop a drive right in front of me. Was cool!

I’m getting him in touch with my SOC manager. See where it leads.

@tinker that's really exciting. I'm totally sure you've made a huge difference in his life already, just by spending that time with him.

@gradius - I hope so. Kids like him either become very successful or get into a lot of trouble as they learn.

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