The local National Public Radio station did a story on the Texas hacker community!!!

Read the article or listen to the radio broadcast here:

@Shufei - Comin and goin. Flying all over the planet and not resting. Busted into a place a couple weeks back. Just finished up an hack. And not sure where I’m going tomorrow, but it starts with a plane.

Need sleep but won’t get it for another two months.

Making dough, though. So it’s not all for want.

@tinker Take care of your wetware, eh? Maybe you can sleep on the plane? Maybe try some ginseng. And don’t forget to eat up your veggies. :p

We’re all right proud of you, Tinker. Wherever you are headed, good will flies with you.

@tinker hmmm, may have to come check it out !

I'm assuming you have decent food/bbq there? ;)

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