I’ve been off social media (Mastodon and Twitter) for about a month now...

(not counting a couple sporadic posts where I pushed something out and ran away.)

I didn’t even lurk all that much.

And damn has it felt great.

I really don’t want to come back 😂

I really REALLY don’t want to get back on twitter...


@SwooshyCueb - Yeah, for work. For a bit at least. Not corporate work, but hacking. Need to be plugged in.

Nice to see you back. Stick around here for a while to start. No need to hit the rapids right away.

@tinker understandable. I hope you and your family are well.

@jerry - We’re good, Jerry. Middle kid is about to go to Kindergarten, that’s exciting. Took the wife to a very romantic getaway in Ft Worth. It’s been a good rest.

Hope you and your’s are well, as well.

@tinker good to hear. I am having a hard time believing I am old enough to have a kid in his second year of college.


> I really REALLY don’t want to get back on twitter...


@Nikolai_Kingsley - Once I’m done with my major project (a year or so out), I’m strongly considering dropping it. But in the mean time, I’ve made the decision to continue.

@tinker In physical pain from being on here in addition to the mental costs, which are very high when properly tallied. None of my previous efforts have sufficed.

@feonixrift - Do you have a monetary or other requirement that keeps you on social media? If you don’t just drop it cold turkey for a bit. Uninstall the apps from your phone and walk away for 48 hours. See how you feel.

@tinker I have literally failed at attempts to do exactly this! I'm piss poor at locking myself out of my own stuff.

@feonixrift - Oh no! I feel that! Would having an accountability partner help you? Or maybe a weening off plan. Uninstall the apps and stay off for an hour. Then check them via a laptop. Then stay off another hour. Do that for a day. Then move to two hour breaks. Get to where you only visit four times a day (morning, lunch, evening, right before bed). Then move to twice a day. Then once a day, etc. ?

@tinker I have no apps installed and already added my web browser to the time limit on my phone which has a pissawful password that I can't type straight in less than three tries. ..

I would think joint pain when using screens would 'help' reduce this. Especially since I hate pulling out the laptop. (though I did pull it out tonight) .. but it's so much easier to be on socnets than to do things I'm supposed to, when under high distraction pressure.

@tinker The closest I've come to staying logged off was when I hit upon some of the underlying structures of what the socnets are/do that .. verged into Lovecraftian horror, leaving me boiling with rage and frustration. It was wonderful to be offline... of course I did not remain. Though frankly if I spent my time writing up what those horrors were, rather than here participating in them one like and boost at a time, my time would be better spent in some respects. (Though friends are worth it.)

@feonixrift - i get it. Hope for the best for you. My mind was wonderfully relieved when I was off for more than a couple days. Cant wait to do that again.

@tinker Glad to see you are still alive, man!

Hope you're enjoying your going dark :-)

@m4iler - Needed it. Probably need more of it, but time to dive back in.

@tinker I can understand that. I hope you get all the rest you need :-)

@tinker I've found it useful to treat using the bird site like a meeting I have to attend. I schedule time to read, I participate only when I think it adds specific value to the conversation

@tinker just look after yourself and you family. They grow up and move away in the blink of an eye ;( Don't burn yourself out! Best not let social media control you IMHO ...

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