@tinker did you suggest there should be no Nazis on Twitter again? 😉

@tinker "unusual activity" is kinda your schtick, no?


@tobypinder - My thoughts too.... like... why is this bad?

@tinker @tobypinder Simple, not sheep enough.

I, for one, am happy you got fucked by Twitter. This might mean more storytime for fedi!

@m4iler @tobypinder - I do need to put more things here. I like the Fediverse because I don't have to worry about maintaining a presence here, though.

@tinker @tobypinder Would you mind if I learned how to make a twitter bot?

I'd love to know about your twitter shenanigans.

@m4iler @tobypinder - You certainly can, but I don’t maintain bots myself. I wouldnt have any insight into it.

@tinker @m4iler@infosec.exchange this place is "slower" for me and I like that

@tinker Whelp, i guess they can't contain your awesomeness. Maybe they are afraid you're going to visit their elevators/sprinklers/…?

@jerry @tinker gosh, all those billions of dollars and twitter can't properly display your profile. for shame.

@tinker @jerry unusual activity??? Hahahahahahahaha(gasp) hahahahahahaha... what is usual on tweeter anyway.. you need to start griefing people to "fit in"

@Nikolai_Kingsley - Was posting stuff concerning mental health in a thread with a friend. I don’t think it was the content. I think it was the speed in which I posted.

@tinker @Nikolai_Kingsley Social media also seems to be sensitive to the subject of firearms, which I noticed part of those posts were about.

@mordrid @Nikolai_Kingsley - Kindof? Like tangentially. It was how going into mental health therapy affects official government checks, such as applications to purchase a firearm and top secret clearances.

I hope I didnt get restricted because of that; that would be asinine.

I think it was all the screenshot uploads.

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