Partner: Apparently, the boys went through your backpack. I found this in one of their pockets...

Me: 😳 You... you didn’t plug that into any of our computers, did you?!

@tinker Sure! No Problem, there was only this Word Document and this message when i opened it, but i immediately klicked a button and then there was no useful content whatsoever... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@tinker should be able to check the C2 host to know if they did, right?

@Bobo_PK - A Rubber Ducky. Computers think it’s a keyboard. Plug it in, and it’ll bring up a command prompt and type out anything you want it to... including malware.

@tinker thanks for explaining. I did not know that rubber duck had a double meaning :rubberduck: :fairydust:

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