I’ve finally started using ‘ip’ more than ‘ifconfig’.

At first, I bemoaned how busy the output for ‘ip a’ was, especially in comparison to the relative neatness of “ifconfig -a”.

But I’ve found I use “ip -br a” all the time now. A quick, brief, “where am I?”

@tinker huh ... that does look better. I'll have to note that .. I too find ip's CLI kinda difficult and the output of `ip addr` is super noisy.

I wish something like `ip -br a` was the default output of ip. ifconfig is readable and the commands are easy to understand. Even though the Linux version is being deprecated, the versions on *BSD are still the correct and current way to control the network.

@djsumdog - @rixx aliases "ip -br -color a" to "ipa" - I like that. Think I’ll do that, myself.

@tinker Yeah, I've aliased "ip -br -color a" to "ipa", and it's one of my reflex commands.

@rixx @tinker I still use ifconfig - but mainly because I’m on other flavors of UNIX :-)

@rixx @tinker omg thank you!! a old-school linux user here, been using ip addr show since they dropped ifconfig
$ ip -br -c a
is SO MUCH better!

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