Tired of pentesting. Tired of infosec.

Not really burnt out. Not like last time (1.5 years ago). That was heavy burnout.

This is just heavy... I don’t know. Boredom? Lack of purpose and drive?

There are so many things I want to do, but they don’t earn me money, so I can only do them on the side. One day when I’m rich... or maybe when the kids move out and I’m at a point where the only risked is my own life and well being.

@tinker Hey man this is totally normal. Maybe in a couple years you'll miss it and resume :)


I hate that for you... and I'll miss the personage.

But you know as well as anyone that you have to do what is right for you. You'll do no one any favors by being in misery.

@TheGibson - I’ll keep it up for a bit. And then leave something behind to remember it by (If I could just finish it!!! :P ).

@tinker Same here. I want to create, and I can't spend the little daily time I have for myself on creativity because I'm exhausted from the job.

So the only real time I have for writing is on the weekends, and I barely spend like one or two hours max; and I can't switch jobs because the pay would be much less and I'd be drowned in debt.

So... fuck capitalism.

- Open source hardware and software cell phones.
- Finding a way to feed everyone for cheap or free within the framework of a capitalist system.

@tinker The internet is a great place to re-invent yourself. I feel you - spent 15 years as a developer, then started taking seriously. I still can't go back to some side projects I wrote, including a POS for a local bakery my friends run. Kills me everytime, but it is what it is.

Don't take your work home with you if you can avoid it. Go hit a gym, shoot at a range, or do something that doesn't take a lot of mental effort - it'll help.

@tinker you sound a little stressed mate. Take @JohnsNotHere advice and find time to have a mental break. You'll settle down and give the mind space to level out. Then it'll be easier to see the woods. As for the persona thing, well I can't comment, never really had one. WYSIWYG

@tinker have you heard of the FIRE movement? It's about retirement/semi-retirement so you can be free to pursue side projects and gigs. May be worth looking into and considering. A lot of folks can become financially independent in 10 years if they're focused. Being in InfoSec/Tech helps a lot too.

@entreprelife - I have! My wife and I started this, actually. We’re getting started at it later in life (yay 2008...), so it’s its not so much Retire Early as it is, just Retire! Lol! But yeah, we’re both heavily focused on it now!

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