@TheGibson - Yeah. This is wonky. Hmm...

that said, the fact that the only real issue I've run into during this whole thing is screen rotation is fine!

Everything else seems to work... if I want to use a phone that's always in landscape mode! :P


It may be looking looking for an accelerometer input!

This *is* meant to be flashed on a fully working phone. My RPi doesn't have an accelerometer...

Interesting. Alright. Setting this aside for another day.

Will post screenshots here shortly of what I've got.

Alright. Some progress!

Got @kde Plasma Mobile successfully installed on a !

Everything works fine except I can’t get the screen to rotate into portrait mode!

Will work on that another day!

@tinker @kde


(PlaMo developer here)

Screen rotation largely depends on DRM driver (vc4 in case of raspberry PI I assume?) and also very recent kernel. I did some lookup and it seems to me that weston does support it so should work in theory with kwin_wayland as well ™️

But since this is not case, Can you please send me logs of kwin_wayland, (See wikipage on how to setup debugging) and dmesg?

You can reach out to be on Freenode (bshah), or email bshah@kde.org

@bshah @kde - Absolutely! Would you prefer I posted the logs here or via email/IRC?

@tinker @kde my bouncer stays on, but IRC/email is preferred then Mastodon :)

(It's not I don't like Mastodon, it's just let's keep it social and not spam with debug logs 😜)


@bshah @kde -

Lol! Fair!

I'm going through and reinstalling everything (and making notes for a build blog). I'm going to use @Jbb moved debian-pm repo at repo.kaidan.im/debpm.

Once I've done all that, I'll try rotating the monitor using the GUI System Tools. I'll send over logs via email if that doesn't work and we'll go from there.

Cheers, again!

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