@TheGibson - Yeah. This is wonky. Hmm...

that said, the fact that the only real issue I've run into during this whole thing is screen rotation is fine!

Everything else seems to work... if I want to use a phone that's always in landscape mode! :P


It may be looking looking for an accelerometer input!

This *is* meant to be flashed on a fully working phone. My RPi doesn't have an accelerometer...

Interesting. Alright. Setting this aside for another day.

Will post screenshots here shortly of what I've got.

Alright. Some progress!

Got @kde Plasma Mobile successfully installed on a !

Everything works fine except I can’t get the screen to rotate into portrait mode!

Will work on that another day!

@tinker @kde is that still Jenny's number after all these years?

Cool :blobthinkingcool:

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