Going to work on my phone project for a bit. Just tool around...

Ordered a baseband from Sixfab, but something got messed up in delivery. Need to sort that out.

In the mean time, I'm going to try to install KDE Plasma Mobile onto a Raspberry Pi 3 B+.

Will post a screenshot if I can get it working.

Will livetoot it in the meantime.

(Understand I may not get anything working... just have some spare time and want to tinker around.)

Let's see if we can get Mobile onto a .

Info Links:
- Plasma Mobile Site:

- 2016 Thread on using Ubuntu Mate image as base

- Sept 2018 Wiki w/ how-to's and troubleshooting

Let's get some Soma FM DefCon station playing for some background music.

- Community Supported Online Radio for Hacking!

Clean up my workspace real quick...

Updating raspbian, configuring the pi for US localization, setting up SSH, etc.

Changing the Debian repo from 'stretch' to 'buster' within apt.


apt update && apt full-upgrade

And.... I'm going to go grab a coke while that's going on.

Ok.... that *seemed* to work...

Creating user 'phablet' and deleting the 'pi' user.


Added Plasma specific repos.

And now installing Plasma specific tools.

Fuck... that's a gig and a half's worth of data.

Glad I'm on ethernet.



That seemed to work!!!

Everything is working on my monitor...

Let's see if I can get it working on my 5inch touchscreen.

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Ok. Touchscreen is working, but layout is landscape.

Need to change it to portrait, but the typical adding "display_rotate = 1" to /boot/config.txt is not working.

Going to try using xrandr to rotate the screen.

k... a couple of things.

Attempting to configure the display via raspbian's /boot/config.txt is overridden by KDE Plasma Mobile settings (I'm not sure where yet.)

You *can* configure things in config.txt, such as GPU memory allocation, just the display settings are changed once KDE Plasma loads.

Using the @kde Plasma Mobile GUI display settings to rotate brings up the error "Sorry, your configuration could not be applied. Common reasons are that overall screen size is too big..." etc.

Screen size is 800x480 on a 5in monitor.

"Enabled more displays than supported by your GPU" doesn't fit it, because I only have one monitor.

Time to duckduckgo this...


May be an issue with kscreen.

Running kscreen-console via ssh and it's outputing a json file
(~/$ kscreen-console json)

Wonder how I edit that json file... where is it?

damnit... my monitor name has a space in it. I FUCKING HATE SPACES!!!!

This is gonna shit over everything isn't it...?



kscreen-doctor output."ADA HDMI-A-1-1".rotation.left

*seems* to work. The json rotation is changed from 1 to 2.

But nothing on the screen changes.

A reboot doesn't do anything and the json is changed back to "rotation": 1


@tinker I thought xrandr didn’t work on pi? And display rotate only works over hdmi, I think.

@ajroach42 - yeah.... I dunno. it's not working right now... so maybe you're right.

The KDE GUI settings allows monitor control, but it's not allowing me to rotate the screen. Giving me an error.

The config.txt rotate setting isn't affecting the actual output.

The touchscreen is over HDMI. The monitor is HDMI, and the touch overlay acts as a USB device.

I'm trying to give the GPU more memory to see if that helps.

@tinker I was only able to get mine to rotate on reboot, and that was done via the config you mentioned.

@ajroach42 - Yeah, I've gotten that to work on basic raspian... it's not working now after I've installed all the KDE plasma stuff.

Maybe I need to try again....

@tinker which screen? Does it really support a higher resolution?

@j_angliss - No, the screen only supports 800x480 (or 480x800). And that's what it's set to. It is working in landscape mode right now. Just trying to get it to flip to portrait.

@tinker gotcha. Read it as you were expecting more. Odd it's not picking up rotation settings.

@TheGibson - Yeah. It seems to change the config file... but I'm looking at the screen and not seeing anything different.

Mind you, I'm ssh'ing into it to change the config. Wonder if that's why. Does ssh create a different desktop session than a locally logged in user?

I dunno.

Brain hurting now.

@tinker @thegibson if you're desperate to find out the file it's being saved to, I suggest strace + grep on calls to open or write.

@rook @TheGibson - Think I found the json file itself... but it seems to be overwritten by something else.

Yeah, may use strace. Cheers!

Ok... opened a console locally (using my tiny little 5inch screen!) and it does appear that ssh'ing into it opens a different "desktop environment" insofar as using kscreen-doctor doesn't affect the local settings.

Maybe. I'm learning this shit by doing... don't see much documentation. But that's probably my inability to use internet search engines.

Hey!!! I got something to change on my desktop!

I tried to set rotation to 'left'...

And now the entire screen disappeared.

Small victories / defeats?


It's been a long time since I've needed to differentiate between SSH and desktop user... but I know it uses the same profile on Ubuntu...

@TheGibson - Yeah. This is wonky. Hmm...

that said, the fact that the only real issue I've run into during this whole thing is screen rotation is fine!

Everything else seems to work... if I want to use a phone that's always in landscape mode! :P


It may be looking looking for an accelerometer input!

This *is* meant to be flashed on a fully working phone. My RPi doesn't have an accelerometer...

Interesting. Alright. Setting this aside for another day.

Will post screenshots here shortly of what I've got.

Alright. Some progress!

Got @kde Plasma Mobile successfully installed on a !

Everything works fine except I can’t get the screen to rotate into portrait mode!

Will work on that another day!

@TheGibson @tinker @kde

I am as well.

The Librem 5 looks good too. If we could do a mashup of the Librem 5 and the Fairphone that would be great.

@tinker @kde is that still Jenny's number after all these years?

Cool :blobthinkingcool:

@tinker @kde


(PlaMo developer here)

Screen rotation largely depends on DRM driver (vc4 in case of raspberry PI I assume?) and also very recent kernel. I did some lookup and it seems to me that weston does support it so should work in theory with kwin_wayland as well ™️

But since this is not case, Can you please send me logs of kwin_wayland, (See wikipage on how to setup debugging) and dmesg?

You can reach out to be on Freenode (bshah), or email bshah@kde.org

@bshah @kde - Absolutely! Would you prefer I posted the logs here or via email/IRC?

@tinker @kde my bouncer stays on, but IRC/email is preferred then Mastodon :)

(It's not I don't like Mastodon, it's just let's keep it social and not spam with debug logs 😜)

@bshah @kde -

Lol! Fair!

I'm going through and reinstalling everything (and making notes for a build blog). I'm going to use @Jbb moved debian-pm repo at repo.kaidan.im/debpm.

Once I've done all that, I'll try rotating the monitor using the GUI System Tools. I'll send over logs via email if that doesn't work and we'll go from there.

Cheers, again!

@thegibson of course @tinker is writing this all down...right here in the fediverse where multiple off site backups automatically propagate to all the following instances 'round the world!


@tinker @kde Plasma has this problem on desktop too sometimes. Like some days I'll go to work and turn on my computer and my monitor will be upside down for no good reason and I can't flip it back without rebooting half a dozen times

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