Grandpa? Tell me about the cyberwars!

So there I was... Hunkered down behind the firewall trenches under a barrage of TCP scans!

All I remember seeing was an onslaught of SYN, SYN, SYN!!! We met them with RST after RST after RST!

We started blocking IPs. First one, then another, then another. But those dirty sons-of-bitches just hopped to a new IP each time.

So we brought out the big guns... started geoblocking entire regions. Fuck business. Fuck revenue. We had to protect our core interests.

It wasn’t enough. They sent out sharp shooters, routed through hacked toasters in the middle of Kansas and seven proxies behind that.

But they slipped up. Made a call directly to one of their malservers. No Tor, no armor.

We had them now.

We brought in our Red Team. Dutiful folk, if a bit cocky. Asked them to hack back. Asked them to take down the attackers.

This was a sensitive op, illegal under the articles of war.

But our hackers just grinned their shit-eating grins and went to work.

We lost many a good man, woman, and enby that night.

I still see their faces behind the glow of an LED screen.

But we served well. And cliented well.

Times I wonder why Eris didn’t take me instead. But I got to grow old. See you.

I love you, grandson.

I love you too, grandpa.

@tinker @thunfisch I don't know what's scarier: this toot or that I understand it's content.

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