I do not want to go into the office tomorrow. Way too many people. Need a break from people.

Wonder if I can set up a tent in that open floor plan.

Hell even the conference rooms are floor to ceiling glass!!!!

What sort of God Forsaken Sadistic Architect dreamed of that panopticon fishbowl of an office space?!?!


@tinker I know not. But I’d lay a fifty they were a consummate extrovert.

Noise canceling headphones to the rescue? They are all the rage with us autistic sorts.

Then if anyone comes by to chat, pretend you hear them. When their mouth stops moving just smile and mention your project is on track, that you are sitting right in the information curve, etc.

@Shufei - It’s that faking it part that hurts the most. I have to keep smiling. Keep greeting people. It’s not that I’m down or don’t like them. I just need to set the facade down and rest a bit.

@tinker Seriously, I grok. Emphatically.

It’s not likely Them Upstairs are capable of understanding that such environments can hurt the productivity, sanity, and health of some of us. But perhaps you can make the case for an exemption...?

@tinker I do t want to boost this because it is very personal, but I also sympathize so hard.

They just moved us in to an open floor plan with floor to ceiling glass and no where to hide and actually get work done.

It’s a nightmare.

If I wasn’t already planning to leave, I’d leave.

@ajroach42 - You can boost it. Don’t mind. Part of this is shouting to the world. Part of it is commiseration. Another part is hoping for an answer on how to make it better...

But yeah. I feel you.

@tinker headphones and a constant distant stare at the monitors cut out most of it, but that’s not sustainable.

I hope you find some peace.

@ajroach42 - Sleeping a lot when I get home to recover. Should be fine, but I just recovered from burnout. Trying to take it easy.

Finding myself getting real cynical and bitter. Need to head this off.

Thank you for responding sincerely. I thought I was making a joke. Didn’t realize how I’m actually taking this to heart.


@tinker I know this isn’t an option for most folks, but I’m looking for remote gigs, so that I have more control of my work environment.

I’m hoping that alone will help.

@ajroach42 - Same. I’m looking to transfer to a remote position. We’ll see how it goes.

@tinker Sympathies upon sympathies. Open office plans are the worst.

@tinker ugh that sounds almost as horrible as the open office landscapes I'm used to :(

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